Berlin was the warmest state in Germany in 2019

Berlin was the warmest state in Germany in 2019

Berlin was be the hottest state in 2019 with an average temperature of 11.7°C. Its neighbouring Brandenburg is in second place with 11.1°C.

Die Sonne strahlt von einem wolkenlosen Himmel

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The long-term average temperature for Berlin is 9.1 degrees Celsius. With 1925 hours of sunshine and 530 litres of precipitation per square metre, 2019 was also significantly sunnier and drier than usual in Berlin (mean values: 1635 hours of sunshine and 573 litres of rain), as the preliminary evaluation of the DWD measuring stations shows.

Brandenburg in second place

Brandenburg had an average of 11.1 degrees Celsius, 1945 hours of sunshine and less than 495 litres of precipitation per square metre. With 121 hours of sunshine in February, Brandenburg broke a record - the sun shone for longer than ever before in the month since temperature recordings began in 1881. Overall, the federal state is in second place this year in terms of weather, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Monday (30 December 2019) in Offenbach, citing preliminary values: It was the second warmest, second driest and second sunniest federal state.

347 hours of sunshine in June in Berlin

In Berlin, record values were achieved in June with 22.8 degrees and 347 hours of sunshine. In Dahlem, 9 September was the first day without sunshine since May 22. Brandenburg also broke another record in June: With an average of 22 degrees Celsius, it was never warmer that month and, with 352 hours of sunshine, never sunnier, according to the weather experts.

Germany's third warmest year since 1881

Across Germany, 2019 will probably be the third warmest year since 1881. It was too dry, too warm and much sunnier than usual. Especially at the end of July there was extreme heat in many places, more than 40.0 degrees were measured at 23 measuring points - the record was 42.6 degrees on 25 July in Lingen in Emsland.
Frühling in Berlin
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