«Gum Walls»: Smileys against old chewing gum

«Gum Walls»: Smileys against old chewing gum

What to do with chewing gum? Berliners can stick it on colourful smileys. After a two-month test run, the Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR) decided to put 25 so-called «Gum Walls» into operation in the city centre, a spokesperson announced on 11 December 2019.

Eine Klebewand für Kaugummi

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"Kauen, Kleben, Gehen" ("Chewing, sticking, walking") is on a sticking wall for chewing gum at Alexanderplatz.

«It's a big problem for urban cleanliness that many people still spit their chewing gum carelessly on the floor.» The "Gum Walls" are adhesive surfaces made of special paper in smiley design on which used chewing gums can be glued. Alternatively, they can be thrown into a drip tray. Several media had previously reported.
So far, the colourful areas at Alexanderplatz, Wilmersdorfer Straße and Breitscheidplatz/Hardenbergplatz have been available. It is possible that the city cleaning department is building up even more. For this there should be discussions with the districts. Bonded chewing gum would be removed with high-pressure cleaning equipment, which would not be suitable in Berlin because of the sand-grouted paving, the BSR spokesman said.

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