Senate sets rules for e-scooter parking

Senate sets rules for e-scooter parking

The Berlin Senate has published guidelines for possible parking spaces for electric scooters and cargo bikes.


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"We want to create new parking spaces on the carriageway for e-scooters and also for rental bicycles in order to clear the pavements," announced State Secretary for Transport Ingmar Streese on 8 November 2019. The rules have been sent to the districts. Accordingly, they can also convert car parking spaces on the road into scooter or bicycle parking spaces. These would be protected both for scooters and for bicycles with beacons.
There is repeated criticism that the numerous electric scooters in the capital block pedestrian and bicycle paths and are parked incorrectly. Special parking zones have therefore been discussed for some time. Now the districts would have a sy on how these must be arranged, said a Senate spokesman. These parking areas for the scooters are not obligatory for the time being.
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