Meng Meng gives birth to twins

Meng Meng gives birth to twins

Meng Meng, the giant panda at Zoologischer Garten Berlin, had two cubs. They were born on Saturday.

  • Panda-Babys im Zoo Berlin© 2019 Zoo Berlin
    The newborn panda cubs
  • Panda-Dame Meng Meng© dpa
    Meng Meng
Two panda babies were born in the Berlin Zoo. "Meng Meng is Mama - and twice as much! We are so happy, we don't have the words", the zoo announced on Monday morning (2 September 2019) via Twitter. According to the press release, the panda babies were born on Saturday evening (31 August 2019). In the wild, giant pandas give birth to one to three young animals. Usually only a panda baby survives. In the case of a multiple birth with Meng Meng, the Berlin Zoo and Chinese experts have devised a strategy for how both babies can survive. Pandas are born after a short gestation period of four to six months.

Source: dpa

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