E-scooter parking banned at Brandenburg Gate

E-scooter parking banned at Brandenburg Gate

For the time being, it will almost exclusively affect tourists: E-scooters can no longer be parked at Brandenburg Gate - and at the Holocaust Memorial, too. Other places will follow.

E-Tretroller in München

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E-Scooters from Circ

After the announced tightening of the rules for e-scooters in Berlin, one of the rental companies wants to take care of things itself. Circ employees repark incorrectly parked e-scooters and inform users about the rules for driving the vehicles on the streets of Berlin.

More no-park zones for e-scooters to come

In the apps of several large e-scooter rental companies, Brandenburg Gate with Pariser Platz and the Holocaust Memorial are now registered as no-park zones. In these areas, users cannot terminate their lease. It is possible that further such zones will be established.

Tourist spots are particularly affected

In the Mitte district, parking is no longer possible in all public green spaces, the district office announced. There had been numerous complaints from citizens. The places most affected are those that are frequently visited by tourists. It is planned for the future that electric pedal scooters in Berlin can no longer be parked on the pavement. Instead, special areas are to be created along the roadside for parking rental vehicles and private bicycles.

Less space for cars, more space for scooters

Car parking spaces will also be rededicated for this purpose. Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Neukölln will create sufficient parking spaces for the start of the e-scooter in the 2020 season. Several rental companies also offer driving and safety training. The aim of these steps is to increase acceptance of the new means of transport. In the first few weeks since the approval in mid-June, there had been criticism from many sides - among other things because of the obstructed sidewalks, where the scooters have become tripping hazards.
TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
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