Tempelhofer Feld: Majority in favour of peripheral development

Tempelhofer Feld: Majority in favour of peripheral development

Five years after a referendum against any development of Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, opinions have apparently changed.

Radfahrer auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

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Cyclists at Tempelhofer Field

In a representative survey commissioned by the newspaper "Tagesspiegel", around two thirds of those surveyed (64.6 percent) rated the idea of building apartments on the edge of the former airport as positive. 27.3 percent saw this as negative, 8.1 percent were undecided in the survey conducted by the Civey Institute. A total of 3018 people took part in the survey, for which votes were cast between 17 July and 23 July 2019.

Berliners voted against development of Tempelhofer Feld

Since the referendum of 25 May 2014, construction on the 350-hectare site has been prohibited. At the time, 64.3 percent of the voters voted in favour of the bill drafted by a citizens' initiative. Since 2010, Berliners have been using the site for recreation, barbecues or sporting activities.

Housing shortage drives desire for development

In view of the lack of affordable housing, politicians have recently been making renewed efforts to build carefully at the edges. In addition to the opposition parties CDU and FDP, the SPD is also in favor, while its coalition partners Left Party and Greens as well as the AfD are against it. It is therefore considered certain that the issue of peripheral development will not be on the agenda again until the next legislative period starting in 2021. The SPD, for example, has a new type of referendum in mind.
Tempelhofer Feld
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Park Tempelhofer Feld

Once airplanes took off from the grounds that used to be part of Tempelhof Airport. Now, the "Tempelhofer Feld" is a large public park where locals enjoy picnics, sunbathing and doing sports. more

TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
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