Berlin's population growth is slowing down

Berlin's population growth is slowing down

The number of inhabitants in Berlin in 2018 continued to rise compared to the previous year. However, the increase slowed down, as the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office announced on Monday (17 June 2019).


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Berlin's population has increased by 31,300 inhabitants from 2017 to 2018. This corresponds to an increase of 0.9 percent and is the smallest population increase since 2011. In 2017 the number rose by 1.1 percent. A total of around 3.6 million people have lived in Berlin at the end of 2018. The statisticians attributed the growth to the birth and death rate as well as migration: 180,000 people moved to Berlin while only 151,000 moved away. At 40,200, the number of births was higher than the number of deaths (35,900).
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