Friedrichstraße could go car-free

Friedrichstraße could go car-free

In summer and autumn, Friedrichstrasse could become car-free by the day. Considerations to this effect were confirmed in coalition and senate circles.

Berlin Friedrichstraße

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Cars at Friedrichtstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

But nothing has been decided yet. At the moment it is more a matter of figuring out what a possible pilot experiment could look like. The discussion is about closing the shopping mile, which is often plagued by traffic jams, several times for a weekend or a little longer for car traffic to make space for events.

Car-free Friedrichstraße to cut air pollution

There are two reasons for closing Friedrichstraße to cars. On the one hand, trade could be boosted in the recently crisis-ridden shopping mile where luxury boutiques are just as much a part of the picture as empty shops. On the other hand it could be a step towards a car-free city and cleaner air. The traffic and environmental administration did not comment further on the considerations. A spokesperson merely confirmed that a meeting with trade representatives was scheduled for the end of May 2019.
TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
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