Rammstein reveal new music video on Torstrasse

Rammstein reveal new music video on Torstrasse

Rammstein presented the video to the second single of their new album, "Radio", at a junction in Berlin-Mitte.

  • Rammstein Single-Premiere at Torstraße© dpa
    People watching the video of Rammstein's latest single "Radio" at Torstraße/Prenzlauer Allee.
  • Rammstein Single-Premiere© dpa
    Rammstein's "Radio" playing at Torstraße/Prenzlauer Allee.
  • Rammstein-Single "Radio"© dpa
    A projection of the Rammstein video «Radio» at Torstraße/Prenzlauer Allee.
At the junction Torstraße/Prenzlauer Allee the band Rammstein, celebrated worldwide for their rock music, had the video "Radio" streamed onto a wall in Berlin-Mitte. The song was broadcast simultaneously on the radio station Radioeins. About 1000 fans came to the junction to watch an celebrate.

Song also a tribute to "Kraftwerk"

With the video, Rammstein pays tribute to another globally successful German band: Some video sequences and parts of the music can also be seen as homage to "Radioactivity" by Kraftwerk from 1975. The text of the new Rammstein song depicts memories of a time when listening to radio at night was an act of freedom. The band members were all socialised in the GDR.

Rammstein criticised for first video

With the first video "Germany" of the new album Rammstein had caused a lot of criticism at the end of March 2019. For a good 30 seconds, four band members can be seen wearing clothes reminding viewers of those worn by concentration camp prisoners.
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