Fewer bakeries and butchers in Berlin

Fewer bakeries and butchers in Berlin

Cheap bread rolls and cold cuts from the supermarket: bakeries and butcheries don't have it easy these days. Other trades in the food industry have seen a steep rise in demand, though.


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According to the Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks (ZDH), the number of breweries, malthouses and confectioners in Berlin has doubled in just ten years. In 2008, there were only 12 breweries and malt houses in Berlin. In 2018 it was two and a half times as many - 29 companies in total. The number of confectioneries rose from 55 to 110 in the same period.

Traditional butcheries are disappearing

In contrast, the number of bakeries and butcher's shops in the German capital declined considerably. More than a quarter of all bakeries have disappeared since 2008: by 2018 there were only 136. The number of butchers fell by more than a third from 145 to just 93.

Competition from supermarkets is enormous

The Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerks explained the disappearance of the companies with a continuing structural change: Unlike in the past, bakeries now have several sales outlets. Small bakeries are taken over by larger companies with a branch network. Supermarkets, bakery shops and petrol stations also compete with traditional businesses.
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