Asparagus season in Beelitz begins

Asparagus season in Beelitz begins

Asparagus Queen Kristin Reich and Brandenburg's Minister of Agriculture Jörg Vogelsänger will open the Beelitz asparagus season today (8 April 2019) in Klaistow.

Frischer weißer und grüner Spargel.

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Endlich: Die Spargelsaison beginnt.

The 21-year-old asparagus queen Kristin Reich is a tourism and event manager and hails from Beelitz. Asparagus season, which traditionally lasts until 24 June, begins unusually early this year due to the warm spring weather.

Asparagus for 10 euros per kilo at the start of the season

The asparagus farmers expect a price of 10 euros per kilogram at the start of the season. In the following weeks, the vegetables will become cheaper depending on the amount harvested. Organic asparagus, which grows without foil and chemical fertilizer, will probably only be available for a short time.

White Asparagus grows particularly well in Beelitz

The asparagus has particularly good growing conditions on the sandy soils in Beelitz on around 1700 hectares of cultivated land. Beelitz asparagus has been protected as a trademark in the EU since 15 March 2018.
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