Panda Meng Meng is a little bit pregnant

Panda Meng Meng is a little bit pregnant

The two giant pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Quing, who live in the Berlin Zoo, could become parents. A false pregnancy cannot be excluded at this point, though.

Meng Meng

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Giant panda Meng Meng

After the polar bear offspring Hertha from Tierpark Berlin, the giant pandas in the zoo might follow their example. The five-year-old female panda, Meng Meng, is probably expecting offspring as the ultrasound examination and hormone status in the urine have shown. Ultrasound showed a bladder with a possible embryo, but no heart activity, which is to follow in the next days and weeks. If this is the case, the birth would take place at the end of August or beginning of September. But also a false pregnancy cannot be excluded.

Meng Meng was artificially inseminated

Meng Meng pregnancy would be a real stroke of luck. Panda females only have a 72-hour window once a year within which they are ready to conceive. Since the two pandas in the Zoo are considered to be inexperienced, Meng Meng was assisted with artificial insemination.

Only one young animal survives

The young are born already after a short gestation period of four months. Pandas give birth to one to three cubs, of which only one usually survives. A pandababy weighs a light 90 to 130 grams and only after about a month has the typical black and white coat. About six months elapse before the young can eat solid food for the first time. Last year Meng Meng was considered too young for pregnancy. The Berlin Zoo is currently the only zoo in Germany that holds giant pandas.
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