"Hertha": Polar bear cub finally has a name

"Hertha": Polar bear cub finally has a name

The polar bear cub at Tierpark Berlin has been christened "Hertha". The football club of the same name might have something to do with the decision.

Polar Bear Cub Hertha in Berlin

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Hertha, the young polar bear cub at Berlin's Tierpark.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the little polar bear girl at Tierpark Berlin to finally get a name. Since Tuesday morning (2 April 2019), she has one: Hertha. Thousands of names were suggested by Tierpark visitors, newspapers and others during the last couple of weeks. But Hertha, the local Bundesliga football club and sponsor, had a say, too. The cub's mother, Tonja, will probably care less. She just enjoys her four-month-old little young who has been roaming the polar bear enclosure for several weeks now.
Polar bear cub
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Polar bear Tonja at Tierpark Berlin gave birth to a cub on 01 December 2018. After weeks of waiting, the polar bear baby turned out to be a girl. On 2 April 2019 she was christened "Hertha". more

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