Candy Bombers return to Berlin

Candy Bombers return to Berlin

70 years after the end of the airlift to West Berlin, the legendary transport aircrafts take to the air again.


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A Douglas DC-3 Dakota «Rosinenbomber» - also called Raisin Bomber and Candy Bomber - at the former Tempelhof Airport.

The initiators will commemorate the relief effort by flying the historic Douglas DC-3 aircraft over Berlin from 10 to 17 June.. From 1948 to 1949, The Wester Allied aircraft supplied the inhabitants of West Berlin with food via the Airlift during the Soviet Berlin Blockade. The planes went down in history as Rosinenbomber ("raisin bombers"). According to the Berlin Airlift 70 Association, the overflight over the Brandenburg Gate and the former Tempelhof airfield have since been approved.

280,000 flights by Candy Bombers

Flights over Wiesbaden (Hesse), Fassberg (Lower Saxony) and Jagel (Schleswig-Holstein) will also commemorate the Airlift. The cities were part of the routes to West Berlin at that time. With almost 280,000 flights, more than two million tons of goods were brought to Berlin. As the association said on Wednesday (20 March 2019), Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be the patron of the event. For safety reasons, candy drops are only scheduled at Gatow airfield on 16 June of this year.
TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
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