Cheaper fares for women on Equal Pay Day

Cheaper fares for women on Equal Pay Day

On Equal Pay Day on 18 March 2019, women travel at a lower price on public transport in Berlin than men.

BVG ticket machine

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According to the Berlin Transport company BVG, women in Germany receive 21 percent less pay than men on average. This injustice is highlighted on Equal Pay Day on 18 March. For this occasion, the BVG has introduced the "Frauenticket" (women's ticket). On 18 March 2019, women pay 21 percent less than men for a day ticket. Instead of the regular 7 euros, women pay only 5.50 euros.

Where to get the Frauenticket

The discounted tickets are available at all BVG ticket machines in the subway area. They are valid in the Berlin AB tariff area and in the S-Bahn, too. The offer is also directed at trans women. Men who use the Frauenticket are considered fare dodgers and may have to pay the 60 euro fine.
Publication date: 22. May 2022
Last updated: 12. March 2019

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