Guide Michelin: Four new stars for Berlin

Guide Michelin: Four new stars for Berlin

Coda Dessert Dining, Ernst, Savu and Kin Dee: Four new Berlin stars have risen during the presentation of the Guide Michelin 2019 restaurant guide.

Michelin Stars 2019

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The chefs from Berlin: Sauli Kemppainen, (l-r), Dalad Kambhu, Dylan Watson-Brawn and René Frank.

More and more restaurants in Germany can adorn themselves with stars of the Guide Michelin. The edition of the Hotel and Restaurant Guide presented in Berlin on 26 February 2019 lists 309 gourmet restaurants, 9 more than in the previous year.

Guide Michelin: «Elitist was yesterday.»

In Berlin, for example, the «Coda Dessert Dining», which features a kitchen based on the patisserie, is new with a star. There you can sit at the counter or at wooden tables. «That's completely relaxed.» In «Ernst» - also newly awarded a star in Berlin - the counter frames the cooking area of the small restaurant. «The restaurateurs have recognised what the guests want, they want to eat well in a relaxed atmosphere», said Ralf Flinkenflügel, Director of the Michelin Guide for Germany and Switzerland. «Elitist was yesterday.»

First star for Dalad Kambhu from «Kin Dee»

The Finn Sauli Kemppainen cooked himself and the «Savu» a star in the Hotel Louisas Place on Kurfürstendamm. Although numerous chefs had come to Berlin to celebrate the new Michelin edition, there was only one woman in the group standing in front of the press at the venue Motorwerk in the afternoon: Dalad Kambhu from the «Kin Dee» in Berlin. The 32-year-old, who cooks Thai, commented on the surplus of men with the statement: «We have a problem there. We have to change that.» She herself specifically promotes women in her restaurant, which was awarded a star for the first time. The Guide Michelin will be available on 4 March 2019. The first Michelin stars in Germany were awarded in 1966.

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