Brexit: Brits lose right to vote

Brexit: Brits lose right to vote

On 29 March 2019, thousands of Britons in Berlin will lose their right to vote and stand as candidates in local elections in Berlin.

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According to the draft Brexit law adopted by the House's European Parliament Committee on Wednesday (20 February 2019), elected members of parliament with British citizenship in the district assemblies must resign from office. The law will be finally adopted at one of Parliament's next plenary sessions, probably on 7 March, as Green MEP Benedikt Lux told the German Press Agency.

18,000 Britons in Berlin

According to the Senate Department of the Interior, about 18,000 Britons live in Berlin. With Brexit - whether with deal or no deal - they also face changes in other respects. In the future they will need a residence permit for which they can already register online. The British will also lose their right to vote in the European elections on 26 May because they will no longer be EU citizens.
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