Polar bear cub: It's a girl!

Polar bear cub: It's a girl!

After more than two months the waiting is over: The baby polar bear in the Tierpark Berlin is female and, according to veterinarians, very healthy.

Polar bear

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The female polar bear cub at Tierpark Berlin

"It's a strong girl," Zoo and Tierpark director Andreas Knieriem told the German Press Agency after the first survey of the yet unnamed polar bear cub on Thursday, 14 February 2019.

Video: First examination of the polar bear cub

With a weight of about eight and a half kilos, she weighs quite a lot. If everything continues to go well, the little one and her mother Tonja (9) will be seen together for the first time at the beginning and middle of March at the Tierpark in Friedrichsfelde. At the same time, Knieriem warns that there is still a residual risk. Tonja's recent babys all died young.
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