Polar bear cub opens eyes for the first time

Polar bear cub opens eyes for the first time

Five weeks after its birth, the yet unnamed baby polar bear at Tierpark Berlin opened its eyes for the very first time.

Polar Bear

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The baby polar bear next to its mother Tonja.

The news was announced by a media spokesperson for the zoo on Tuesday (8 January 2019). Pictures show the little cub with open button eyes, cuddled on mother Tonia. In order to give the offspring the necessary peace and quiet, the Zoo staff have so far only observed the bear via cameras and microphones installed in the litter cave. The small polar bear is to be examined for the first time at the beginning of February.

Winter flab and first walking attempts

The polar bear cub seems to have a healthy appetite. The spokesperson reported that the bear had eaten a lot over the holidays and is now trying to walk.

Survival uncertain despite good development

Polar bear cubs are born deaf and blind. Their eyes and auditory canals open only about 30 days after birth. Although the baby bear is still alive, the risk remains high. In the wilderness, approximately half of the polar bear offspring do not survive the first months.
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