Zoo euthanizes oldest elephant cow Tanja

Zoo euthanizes oldest elephant cow Tanja

Berlin's oldest elephant is dead. Elephant cow Tanja had to be euthanized at Berlin Zoo on Tuesday, 16 October 2018.

Elephant cow Tanja

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The elephant cow Tanja (l) stands in her enclosure in the Berlin Zoo. The Asian elephant cow Tanja was put to sleep at a presumed age of 54 years, the zoo announced on 17 October 2018.

The Asian elephant cow Tanja was put to sleep at the presumed age of 54 on 16 October 2018, the Berlin Zoo announced on Wednesday. Tanja's exact date of birth is unknown because she had been caught in the wild.

Arthrosis made Tanja suffer

The zoo justified its decision with the avoidance of suffering: Tanja had suffered from arthrosis and in the end had hardly been able to stand on her own. She also failed to make it to the outdoor area. She added general weakness, problems with vision and weight loss.

From Zirkus Krone to the Zoo Berlin

Tanja was the leading cow of the small Zoo herd, which now counts six animals. She had come to the zoo in 1974, at the age of about ten, from the Zirkus Krone. According to the zoo, no other elephant in Berlin ever reached Tanja's age.
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