Homeless people in underground stations: Breitenbach and BVG reach agreement

Homeless people in underground stations: Breitenbach and BVG reach agreement

Berlin's subway stations are to be preserved as homeless sleeping places in winter. Berlin's Social Senator Elke Breitenbach and the head of the BVG, Sigrid Nikutta, agreed on this.

Homeless in Berlin

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A homeless person is lying on the floor of the subway station at Hansaplatz.

Due to security concerns, the public transport company initially did not want to open subway stations for the homeless this year. After a discussion with the senator, the BVG agreed to release previously unused areas in several stations. The homeless are to be kept away from the power lines on the tracks.

Exact areas that can be considered are still to be examined

The Social Senator wants to help homeless people with various offers. For example, the districts are to set up Dixi toilets in front of the train stations to improve hygiene. In addition, the BVG wants to inform about emergency overnight accommodation by posting notices at all underground stations. Employees will also distribute individually adapted flyers in six languages indicating the nearest emergency accommodation.

Proximity to an emergency overnight accommodation is important

In Berlin there are more than 30 underground stations with larger unused areas, but not all of them are suitable as homeless sleeping places. These can be, for example, stock-built platforms that have never been put into operation. Such an area is located, for example, at the Schloßstraße underground station in Steglitz. According to the Social Senator, the first stations will be checked this week for their use.
TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
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