Berlin weather at Easter: Lots of sun

Berlin weather at Easter: Lots of sun

The good news first: it stays dry. During the Easter weekend Berlin gets many hours of sunshine.

Colourful Easter eggs on a tree

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Easter this year is from 19 to 21 April 2019, so rather late in the year. So the hope for some nice early summer days is justified. So far it looks as if temperatures in Berlin and Brandenburg will reach the 23 degree mark. Berliners can look forward to many hours of sunshine over the Easter holidays.

«All good» on Good Friday and Easter Saturday

On Good Friday a maximum of 23 degrees is reached in abundant sunshine. The felt temperature is of mild 22 degrees. The sun shines about 14 hours in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the night to saturday the temperatures fall then on around seven degrees. During the day of saturday the sun shines perseveringly - with around 21 degrees and moderate wind almost 14 hours of sunshine are reached.

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: Sun, Sun, Sun

If you want to search outside on Easter Sunday, you can look forward to dry chocolate Easter bunnies. The maximum temperatures of 19 degrees are reached in the middle of the day. In the morning the children can go with up to 15 degrees and much sun on egg search. You can do without a cap - the wind blows only weakly. With up to 14 hours of sunshine, Berliners are granted plenty of light.

Easter Monday has similar weather to offer: Moderate wind and temperatures around 20 degrees and around twelwe hours of sunshine make the walk on Easter Monday enjoyable. Rain is still unlikely.
Frühling in Berlin
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