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The artists presented in the exhibition "Rust" at Galerie Sprüth Magers deal with the American Rust Belt in different ways.

The so-called "Rust Belt" is a region in the northeastern United States that was once considered the largest industrial region in the United States under the name "Manufacturing Belt." After the crisis of the 1970s, the industries withdrew, leading to a comprehensive change in the social structure of the region. It is this change that the photographers presented at Sprüth Magers have captured in their artworks.

Architecture, Landscapes and Portraits

Bernd and Hilla Becher's photographs focus on the architectural forms of the Rust Belt. Through clear lines and a purist visual language, the disused industrial plants appear massive and monumental. Stephen Shore's works show the Rust Belt as a barren and deprived stretch of land in which people struggle with a lack of perspective. LaToya Ruby Frazier's images take a more intimate approach: the photographer documents the reality of the Rust Belt through her hometown of Braddock and photographs her family members, among others.

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2 July 2022
27 August 2022
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