Gerhard Richter: Abstraction

Gerhard Richter: Abstraction

30 June - 21 October 2018

The Museum Barberini shows in the exhibition «Gerhard Richter: Abstraction» abstract works by the artist of the same name.

  • Gerhard Richter: Abstraction© Gerhard Richter 2018 (29062018)
    Abstraktes Bild, 1984, Private Collection, Gerhard Richter
  • Gerhard Richter: Abstraction© Gerhard Richter 2018 (29062018)
    A B, Still, 1986, Museum Barberini
  • Gerhard Richter: Abstraction© Gerhard Richter 2018 (29062018)
    192 Farben, 1966, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Collection Gerhard und Elisabeth Sohst
In his works Gerhard Richter already worked in the 1960s with alienating and abstract techniques, which he developed further and further in the course of his life. Procedures such as scraping off paint that had already been applied or impulsive layering of these created works whose final appearance could not be calculated.

Tracing Richter's abstract strategies and processes

The exhibition spans Richter's work from the 1960s onwards and traces his relationship to abstraction through black and white photographic images, colour panels and paintings with brush and spatula. Although the works appear fundamentally different, the elements of the abstract can be found again and again. «Gerhard Richter: Abstraction» is made up of pieces from the Barberini Museum and international museum and private collections.

About the artist Gerhard Richter

Richter was born in Dresden in 1932 and fled from the GDR to Düsseldorf in 1961, where he studied at the art academy. In 1964, in the group exhibition "Neodada, Pop, Décollage, Capitalist Realism", his paintings were exhibited for the first time in Berlin.

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Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 - 19:00, closed on Tuesdays
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14 Euro, reduced 10 Euro, free admission for children and teenagers aged 17 and under

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