All Nations Festival

All Nations Festival

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At the All Nations Festivals, also called Day of the Open Embassies, many embassies in Berlin welcome visitors to take a look behind the scenes of their diplomatic work.

All Nations Festival

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All Nations Festival

The All Nations Festivals was established in 2001 and takes place every year. Regularly, between 25 and 30 embassies, consulates and foreign cultural institutions open their doors for visitors so they get an impression of the diplomatic work there but also the country represented. Activities and food delicacies complete the programme.

Required: All Nations Festival Ticket and Identity Card

The All Nations Festival Ticket allows visitors to enter the participating embassies and consulates. The ticket is free of charge and available at the Berlin tourist informations stalls at Hauptbahnhof, Neues Kranzler Eck and Brandenburg Gate just before the festival. The ticket can also be downloaded online. On the day of the festival, a limited amount of tickets can be purchased directly at the participating embassies. Visitors need to produce a valid passport or identity card in order to enter the institutions.
Opening Hours
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Useful hints
A valid passport or ID card is required for entering the various participating embassies and consulates.
Admission Fee
Free admission

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    All Nations Festival
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