«Thank you, TXL!»: Farewell weeks for Tegel Airport

«Thank you, TXL!»: Farewell weeks for Tegel Airport

03 Oktober - 07 November 2020

«Goodbye, TXL»: With the farewell weeks in October Berlin says goodbye to the airport Berlin-Tegel "Otto Lilienthal".

  • Flughafen Tegel in Berlin© dpa
    Blick auf den Flughafen Tegel in Berlin.
  • Luftbild vom Flughafen Tegel© dpa
    Luftbild vom Flughafen Tegel
  • Flughafen Tegel© dpa
    Passagiere laufen mit ihrem Gepäck durch den Flughafen Tegel.
  • Flughafen Tegel© dpa
    Blick auf den Flughafen Berlin-Tegel «Otto Lilienthal».

With the aim of inhibiting the spread of the coronavirus, extensive rules of distance and hygiene apply in Berlin. If you have any questions regarding events, please contact the respective organizer directly or visit the website of the event location. Further information »

The last flight from Tegel Airport (TXL) will take off on November 8, 2020 at 3 pm. In view of the closure of the airport, Berliners will be given the opportunity to say a fitting farewell to their beloved airport despite the Corona pandemic. Airport Chairman Engelbert Lütke Daldrup commented: "Tegel has done Berlin a great service. It is therefore important to us - despite the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic - to give everyone who wants the opportunity to say thank you and say goodbye". Due to the corona situation, however, there will be no big farewell party for TXL Airport.

Observation deck at Tegel Airport open again from 03 October

During the farewell weeks, the observation deck at Tegel Airport will be open to visitors again from October 3 to November 7. Free time slot tickets regulate the volume of traffic and ensure that the distance rules are observed. From the deck, Tegel fans have a sweeping view of the runway and can watch take-offs and landings up close one last time. There is also information on the history of the airport. The stay on the visitors' terrace is limited to one hour.

Airport Tegel

Flughafen Tegel
13405 Berlin
Opening Hours
03 Oktober - 07 November 2020, 11 am to 8:30 pm

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