Berlin: one of the world’s most vibrant startup cities

Berlin: one of the world’s most vibrant startup cities

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The excerpt of public offers to foster the Berlin ecosystem

This meta-site serves as a starting point to explore and to get aquainted to the Berlin startup ecosystem. Berlin’s Startup scene has always been fostered by grasroot developments, thus the public sector offers additional initiatives to back what is going an.

Ecosystem Basics

Startups Berlin
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Next to being Startup capital, Berlin’s economy and public players offer various services to foster your business. Find information on Berlin as gateway for new entrepreneurs. Use Berlin’s point of single contact to deal with administrative needs.

Moving and Location

Brandenburger Tor
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Berlin offers quick administrative support to entrepreneurs immigrating from non-EU countries – plus an effective Business Immigration Service. Berlin has a shortcut service to your new business location. And Berlin provides real estate assites of the future.

Funding and Investors

Venture Capital
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Public financial support as well as private capital is available in Berlin and easy to access. The Berlin Business Support Guide sums all public programs.


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Berlin has a program to welcome international startups in the city as well as programs to operationally and financially support startups going abroad.


Startup - Konzeptentwicklung
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Berlin offers partners for research and development cooperation. And a huge pool of talents.


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Get acquainted to a profund collection of arguments in favour of Berlin. Get to know unique projects out of the ever growing pool of Berlin’s innovative ecosystem. And don’t forget, this is only the public side of the story, the private side is even bigger.