Qualified specialists

Qualified specialists

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The general shortage in qualified workers affects Berlin, too, but Berlin has the advantage of being at the centre of a region that's home to about six million people. Companies looking for well-qualified specialists find great potential in here. Berlin has the highest per capita density of researchers and university graduates in Germany. More than 30,000 new graduates enter the city's labour market every year.

An important competitive advantage is the city's international attractiveness. Berlin attracts professionals from all over the world. People from over 190 nations live and work here. Nearly 2 million of the city's inhabitants speak at least two languages.

Companies planning to hire new staff can take advantage of various funding opportunities and programmes to train, recruit, and qualify specialists offered by the Federal Government and the State of Berlin.

(Source: Berlin Business Location Center, 2021)

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Economic Development

Berlin is booming. For years, the number of people in employment and the city's economic output has grown rapidly. Many talented young people are drawn to life in the big city. more

Your partner in finding qualified employees

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Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Berlin Partner can help you find qualified personnel with its Business Talent Package, while its Business Immigration Service makes obtaining residence permits quick and easy for entrepreneurs and highly skilled executives.
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Berlin Chamber of Commerce

The Berlin Chamber of Commerce offers support and advice to companies as they identify their need for skilled workers. It also helps them find and retain qualified specialists and offers further training to add to their qualifications.

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