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Current information on this location

Im Gewerbebereich des Ordnungsamts findet keine offene Sprechstunde statt.
Der Bereich steht nur in unvermeidbaren Fällen und sehr eingeschränkt dem Publikum zur Verfügung.

Pandemiebedingt können wir derzeit nur Vorsprachen nach Terminvergabe anbieten.
Telefonische Terminvergabe:
Montag-Donnerstag: 09:00-15:00 Uhr
Freitag: 09:00-13:00 Uhr
unter der Rufnummer 030 90299-4660
Die Termine werden derzeit individuell und nach Bedarf mit dem Sachgebiet vereinbart.

Bitte informieren Sie sich auch auf unserer Internetseite vom Ordnungsamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf von Berlin unter https://www.berlin.de/ba-steglitz-zehlendorf/politik-und-verwaltung/aemter/ordnungsamt/

Opening hours

keine Terminsprechstunde
keine Terminsprechstunde
keine Terminsprechstunde
keine Terminsprechstunde
keine Terminsprechstunde

Information on the address of this location

Bitte den Eingang von Unter den Eichen nehmen.

Payment options

Payment is not provided.

Additional information

Gebührenfreie Parkplätze stehen nicht zur Verfügung. Der Standort liegt unmittelbar an der Grenze zur Parkraumbewirtschaftung.

Bei akuten Verkehrsbehinderungen und sonstigem eilbedürftigem pflichtwidrigen Verhalten von Mitbürgerinnen und Mitbürgern (auch in geschützten Grünanlagen) wählen Sie bitte die Rufnummer 030/90299-4631 oder 030/90299-4632.

Display an itinerant camp

Itinerant camps are sales events where the trader temporarily sells goods or offers services or accepts orders for goods or services in a travelling trade, i.e. outside his place of business and outside a fair, exhibition or market from a fixed place of distribution (such as a rented restaurant, event room, sales booth or motor vehicle in the case of a coffee run).

The itinerant camp shall be notified if

  • it is publicly announced or advertised, e.g. in newspapers, on posters, on the internet or other media, and
  • the journey of the participants to and from the location of the camp is made by the organisers or by persons working together with them.

The organisers must notify the camp at least four weeks before the start of the camp.

The camp must also be notified if it is to be held in a foreign country.

Online processing

Service provided online

Documents required

  • Itinerant Trade Card
    Proof to be provided by presenting the permission certificate or a copy thereof
  • Notification of an itinerant camp
    The notification can either be submitted by post or electronically via the online procedure.
    Please use the sample form! (see "Forms")
    The notification must contain the following information:
    1. the location, date/period and time/timing of the itinerant camp,
    2. the type of goods and/or services offered,
    3. details of the organiser: Name/company, address of commercial establishment, contact details, trade, association or cooperative register if applicable, as well as the corresponding register number; in the case of legal entities, additionally the legal form and the persons authorised to represent,
    4. Details for quick contact and direct communication with the organisers, including a telephone number, mobile phone number and an e-mail address,
    5. details of the providers of goods and/or services: Name/company, address of commercial establishment, if applicable commercial register, register of associations or register of cooperatives as well as the corresponding register number; in the case of legal entities, additionally the legal form and the persons authorised to represent the entity,
    6. if applicable, the names of the representatives authorised in writing to manage the camp on site on behalf of the organiser,
    7. the wording and form of the intended public announcements (copies of the public announcements are to be enclosed).
  • Important information on the organisation of itinerant camps
    The itinerant camp may only be led on site by the organiser(s) named in the advertisement. Representation by a person authorised in writing is possible.
    A public announcement must contain:
    1. the type of goods and/or services to be offered as part of the itinerant camp,
    2. the location of the itinerant camp,
    3. the name of the organisers, the address of the commercial establishment, as well as information enabling rapid contact and direct communication with the organisers, including a telephone number and an e-mail address,
    4. information in an easily recognisable and legible or otherwise easily perceptible form on the conditions under which consumers have the right of withdrawal from contracts concluded in the context of the camp.
    It is forbidden by law to announce free gifts (in the form of goods or services), including competitions, raffles and draws, in the public announcement for your camp!



Responsible authority

The notification of the camp must be submitted to the public order office responsible for the location of the camp. If the itinerant camp is to take place in a foreign country, the public order office in the place where the organisers are based shall be responsible for the notification.

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