Questions relating to the online portal

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What are the advantages of processing transactions online via the portal?

You need only provide a few items of information on your specific trade request and you can find out immediately which forms and documents you need to submit for this. You can also store the forms online on the platform at the same time. Once you have filled out and uploaded everything, you can submit your documents to the administrative body with one click. In your mailbox you will see when your request has been processed.

The online portal explained to you in five steps:

You can see a list of processes that you can transact via our online portal here:

How will I receive my confirmation?

After processing has been completed, you will receive two e-mails. The first e-mail contains a download link to a secure system where you will find your confirmation of business. The second e-mail contains an 8-digit pin which must be entered on the download page. As soon as the correct PIN has been entered, you will be able to download your confirmation. The document contains the entire PDF, i.e. the business registration, any additional sheets, as well as information with the notification bill from the respective district authority.
The download links remains valid for 168 days.

If you require confirmation immediately, you will have to make an appointment and go to the public order office responsible for the area where your facility is located. If you are registering relocation of a business, the new business address determines which office is responsible.

Is my online confirmation valid even without a seal and signature?

The certificate in the Point of Single Contact procedure is computer-generated according to section 15 of the German Trade Regulation Act [GewO]. In this case, the certificate is valid without the seal of the issuing authority.
This is a so-called certificate of receipt. The certificate of receipt pursuant to section 15 (1) of the Trade Regulation Act has no substantive or legal effect.

You can, however, obtain confirmation with a signature and seal from your local public order office subject to a fee of €10.

How long do the requests take to process if I use the online portal?

The processing times vary from one Berlin district to another – these are dependent on staff workload, sick rates and incoming cases. You will typically receive written confirmation after 14 days (after receipt of payment).

If you need the confirmation immediately, you must visit the public order office for the area in which your business premises are based in person during consultation hours. When a trade is being re-registered, the new business address is definitive for the jurisdiction.

Only for corporations (KG), public limited companies (AG) and companies with a European legal form:
You can submit a status request at any time using the “case-related mailbox” in your electronic case. Select “New message” and “Trade … registration process” for the addressee, for instance, in order to contact the competent public order office. The message will then go directly to the staff member processing your case.

You can also find the general contact data (address, e-mail address, telephone number) of the offices in charge of your case in the “Guide document” of your electronic case. You can also contact the public order office by phone or e-mail, or go there in person.

How do I use the online portal? How do I register?

In order to be able to use the online portal you must create a user account using your name, your email address and your password. Then, after a brief moment, you will receive an email message with an activation link. You use this link to activate your account. You must click on this and, after successful activation, you can set up a ‘New case’ (e.g. trade registration) in the portal.

If you have already activated the user account previously, then you can log in next time via the “Login” menu item. This can be found on the top right corner of the web page next to the small language flags.

How do I transfer fees online?

If you have submitted your case online, you will receive a payment request with all the information necessary for payment online once the relevant office has checked the documents.

What is the activation link and where can I find it?

You will have the activation link sent to you via e-mail after registering with the online portal. You use this link to activate your account. If you do not click this link, it will not be possible to register with the portal.

Where can I view/change my personal details?

If you want to change your personal details, then please log into the online portal with your user details and click on the menu item “my account” (“Mein Konto”). In the “master data“ (“Stammdaten”) tab, you can enter or modify your contact details (e.g. phone number in +49 1234567890-11 format).

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Click on the menu item “Login” (on the top right corner of the web page next to the language flags) and then on “Forgotten password“ (“Passwort vergessen”) below the login form (see screenshot). By doing this you will receive a new password via e-mail.

You can log in using the temporary password in the e-mail whereupon you must change the password immediately. Then you are automatically logged out again (for security reasons). Then you can log in again and again using the password that you defined yourself.

Screenshot "Forgotten password" ("Passwort vergessen")
Screenshot "Forgotten password" ("Passwort vergessen")

I cannot find my request on the list in the online assistant. What can I do?

If your request is not included in the online assistant’s list (see screenshot), please phone us – we would be only too happy to provide you with further assistance. Alternatively you can use our contact form.

Selection options in the online assistant
Selection options in the online assistant

The field "HR Register" needs to be filled in. How do I save the form?

This is a mandatory field. In order to save this form, something must be entered in this field. If there is no entry to add to this field, a zero or a dash can be added.

I have a question concerning the current status of my case submitted online. Where should I direct questions?

Please log into the online portal. If you open the case that you started, you can use the link which can be found in the “relevant office“ (“zuständige Stelle”) column to view the contact details of your public order office or any other relevant involved office (e.g. Berlin Chamber of Craft Trades).

What do the different status messages in my electronic case mean?

Checked/accepted: The documents have been checked by the Single Point of Contact (“Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner”) and have been released for processing by the offices in charge.

In processing: The documents have been received by the offices in charge and are being processed. Questions regarding status can be submitted using the “case-based in-box” at the respective offices.

Completed: Processing has been completed by the office in charge. The related document is stored directly in the system or was sent using other means.

Where can I find the decision of the administrative bodies upon conclusion of my case?

Once the processes have been completed, the relevant bodies will upload the decisions made in relation to your case into the online portal. You will also be informed of this via e-mail.

Log into the online portal via the “login” menu item (top right of the web page next to the language flags), open the case you set up and then download your decision from the system, by clicking on the documents that are marked with a left-pointing arrow (see screenshot).

Do not forget to save the decision to your personal files or to print it out, since concluded cases are completely deleted from the system after 180 days.

Decisions made in relation to a case
This is where you can find decisions made in relation to your case

Can I complete a case submitted online by going to the public order office in person?

You can, that’s because staff at the public order offices are able to access the electronic cases directly using the reference assigned by the system (“our reference: 0001-….).

The data transmitted by the relevant body (e.g. the confirmation of my trade registration) contains errors. What now?

In this case, please refer to the relevant public order office directly.

If you open your case, you can use the link which can be found in the “relevant office“ (“zuständige Stellen”) column to view the contact details of your public order office or any other relevant involved office (e.g. Berlin Chamber of Craft Trades).

Alternatively, you can inform the relevant administrative office of the error by means of case-specific communication within the process (= via your mailbox in the left column).

My case, which I recently set up, is no longer available (or has been deleted). Why?

Cases which have not been submitted, whereby the retention period (180 days) has expired, are automatically removed from the system. You will be informed of the deletion in good time via e-mail. Please start a new case.