How does the online portal work?

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Using the online portal you can:

  • Register, re-register and deregister your business
  • Register, re-register or deregister your trade/craft undertaking
  • Register and license your freelance work
  • Register and license your temporary cross-border services (trade, craft) or register in a list of external service providers (architects, town planners)
  • Recognise your foreign professional qualification

And here is how it works via the online portal:

Enlarge photo: Five steps to receive approval
Five steps to your goal

1 | Register for the online portal

First step

First you need to register with the online portal so that a secure processing of your request can be assured.

Your surname and first name as well as your email address will be required for this. You are also required to give yourself a password consisting of at least eight characters.

2 | Define request using the online assistant

After registration has been completed successfully, please click on the button “Neuen Fall starten” (= start new case).

Then define the framework conditions which apply to your request with the help of the online assistant (situation assistant). For example: What do you want to apply for and in which field of work? In which district? In which legal form? etc.

Online assistant: First level of selection options
Online assistant: First level of selection options

3 | Fill out, upload online and send forms

After answering the questions in the online assistant, all the necessary forms for your specific case will be provided. You can edit these and then store them on the platform.

Once you have filled out and saved everything, you can submit your documents to the administrative bodies with one click.

Forms provided for registration as optician
Forms provided for registration as optician

4 | Wait for queries or ask queries

You will receive a case-specific electronic mailbox (“Fallbezogenes Postfach”), via which you can communicate and operate in the event of any questions on your side or queries from the administrative bodies. Therefore, all messages become part of “your case” and will not be lost.

You will also be informed via email when it comes to all key transactions in your online process where you need to take action (e.g. in the event of queries from official bodies or upon receipt of decisions).

Illustration of case-specific mailbox
Illustration of case-specific mailbox

5 | Receive approval

You can track the status of processing on the part of the relevant administrative bodies at any time using the online portal.

You can also see which documents you receive from the respective bodies at the end of the process.

Illustration of a completed case with all approvals available
Illustration of a completed case with all approvals available