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Housing and Living in Berlin

The Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing takes care of all issues regarding living and infrastructure.

The BerlinStrategy 2030 is the Berlin Senates planning framework for the integrated development of the entire city. It sets out policies for how Berlin will develop and how to bring together the actions of the municipal authorities.

A key issue is Citizen Participation on urban planning. Guidelines for the Citizen Participation in spatial urban development were drawn up by a working group. The aim is more transparency, commitment and the definition of principles for participation processes.

In a city that is also conceived vertically, high-rise buildings can make a contribution to space-saving and sustainable urban development. In view of the special urban planning significance and major presence of high-rise buildings in the cityscape, the High-Rise Building Model for Berlin, passed by the Senate on 25/02/2020 is intended to achieve a balance between the interests of the property market and the wishes and needs of Berlin’s citizens.

Berliner Bezirke

Berlin Districts and Neighborhoods

The district guide will provide you with photos of sights and residential areas as well as information on neighborhoods, infrastructure, authorities, schools, daycare centers, shops, events and leisure activities. Berlin Districts and Neighborhoods

Wohnungen in Berlin


Housing construction, coordination and living space. Housing

Baustelle mit Kränen und Bauarbeiter


Barrierer-free constructions and ecological building concepts. Building

Ein Ingenieur besichtigt eine Baustelle

Urban Construction

Social cohesion and neigborhood management, building culture, development programms and city models. Urban Construction

Luftbild Tempelhofer Damm


Urban Planning, Environmental Atlas and Geo-Data. Planning