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Promotional excursion - notification

Promotional excursions are sales events during which the trader uses temporary premises (e.g. a restaurant or event location that has been rented for the promotional excursion) to offer goods or services and to accept orders as an itinerant trader, i.e. outside of their regular commercial premises or without having such.

The organiser must notify the competent Public Order Office for the place of the event two weeks in advance, if the promotional excursion / the sales event is publicly announced e. g. in newspapers, on posters, online or in other media.

Online processing

Service provided online

Documents required

  • Itinerant Trade Card
    Proof to be provided by presenting the permission certificate or a copy thereof
  • Notification of a promotional excursion
    The competent Public Order Office must be informed in duplicate, two weeks prior to the beginning of the event. No duplicate is required in the case of electronic submissions.

    There are no special formal requirements for the notification, but it must contain the following information:
    1. time and place of the event,
    2. the name of the organiser (including the name of the representative, in the case of representation) and the name of the person on whose behalf the goods/services are being sold, as well as the residential or business addresses of these individuals,
    3. the text and type of any intended public announcements (if possible, including a copy of the public announcements that will be published in the media)
    Please use the template!
  • Important note about public announcement
    It is legally prohibited to announce any free gifts (goods or services) including prize competitions, prize draws and raffles in public announcements / advertisements for your sales event!


free of charge

Responsible authorities

Notification of the promotional excursion must be submitted to the competent Public Order Office for the event’s location.

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