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Road safety

Road safety

Being on the move should be as safe as possible for all sections of the population and all types of traffic. The number of traffic accidents on Berlin roads has fallen by around 38,400 since 1992. Nevertheless, 130,000 traffic accidents still occur every year. People are injured in approximately one in every ten accidents.

Although the number of casualties has fallen by around 25 percent in the last 20 years, the risk of injury and the proportion of severely injured persons are high, particularly among pedestrians and cyclists.

30 percent of persons injured in road accidents are cyclists, although only 13 percent of all journeys are made by bicycle.

The framework for effective road safety measures was created in 2005 with the Berlin 2010 traffic safety program Berlin Sicher Mobil (Berlin: Mobile and Safe). In January 2014, the Senate adopted the new traffic safety program "Berlin Sicher Mobil" 2020.
Issued annually, the road safety report is the key component for evaluating the success of the road safety program and making any necessary adjustments to it.