Facts and figures - Mobility in the City - Berlin Traffic in Figures

Costs and financing


Mobility costs money. Every year Berlin spends over € 300 million on investments related to road construction, as well as on maintenance and energy costs for the Berlin road network. Of these costs, those for operation and maintenance exceed spending on road construction.

Subsidies for public passenger transportation (BVG, S-Bahn, DB regional trains, ODEG, NEB) amounted to a total of € 545.9 million in 2012. Around € 311.8 million was invested in the local rail infrastructure for S-Bahn, U-Bahn and trams in 2012. Of this, roughly € 162.4 million was allocated to overhaul and new construction on the U-Bahn, around € 81.6 million to investments on the S-Bahn, and around € 67.8 million to overhaul and new construction on the tramway network.