Bicycle Routes and Facilities


The cycling network covers bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, shared bus lanes, non-exclusive bicycle lanes and bicycle priority streets. The introduction of traffic-calmed zones and areas with speed limits of 30 km/h tops off the series of measures aimed at improving street conditions. Newly opened routes through park, woods and alongside waterways to the public have considerably improved the attractivity of cycling in Berlin.

The routes connecting the main starting points and destinations of bicycle traffic are safe and appealing. Starting in the city centre (Schlossplatz), twelve bicycle routes span out into the suburbs in a star-shaped network ("radial") linked up by eight circular routes.

In spring 2005, the Wannsee Route the first radial route was opened. The Gatow Route (in German), the Spandau Route (in German), the Hellersdorf Route (in German), the Route to Alt-Hohenschönhausen, the Teltow Route (in German) and the Reinickendorf Route (in German) followed. In autumn 2008 the Südspange Route (in German) the first tangential route was opened. It connects Dahlem-Dorf to Biesdorf-South and crosses Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, the north of Treptow and the south of Lichtenberg. The Nordspange Route (in German) was opened in autumn 2009 and leads from Volkspark Jungfernheide to Alt-Hohenschönhausen.
In 2015 two new routes were added: The Ostring TR7 (in German) connects the two eastern suburbs Köpenick and Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Furthermore the cyclists can explore the northeast of Berlin with the comfortable Hohenschönhausen-Route RR7 (in German).

In addition to the Berlin bicycle routes there are at present four supra-regional long-distance routes which pass through Berlin: the European Bicycle Route R1 (West) (in German) and (East) (in German), the Berlin-Copenhagen (in German) Route and the Bicycle Path Berlin-Usedom (in German) as well as the Havel-Radweg.
Moreover the Berlin-Leipzig Route and the Spree-Radweg are in the planning stage.

Tip: Experience German history by bike: the Berlin Wall Trail is well suited for cycling.