Verkehrslenkung Berlin (VLB)

Accident Commission

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The Road Accident Commission (UK) is an instrument for increasing road safety. From the three fields of action, namely human beings, vehicles and roads, it is dealing with the road.

The UK was founded in autumn 2005. It has the task to reduce the numbers of accidents by analysing high accident locations within the urban area, and to adopt respective measures, e. g. traffic or structural improvements.

The Accident Commission therefore can be considered as a kind of "repair service" analysing the areas where accidents accumulate, investigating what has happened, whether there are road-related reasons, and what measures can be taken to remove high accident locations.

Approximately 500 places with accumulated accidents regularly appear within accident statistics. Consequently this requires an examination regarding potential improvement measures. Within 2,5 years 24 meetings have been dealing with more than 80 high accident locations, examining them and working out potential improvements. In nearly all cases an implementation has been realised by NUON Stadtlicht and the competent bodies for construction and maintenance within the boroughs.

The commission consists of representatives of the road traffic authority (VLB), of the police and two permanent members of the construction authority of the boroughs.

Regarding the accident accumulations dealt with in the meetings, the concerned authorities of the respective borough shall be consulted.

The Berlin Traffic Control (VLB) is in charge of the management. The administrative regulation according to § 44 StVO forms the basis of the work of the UK.