Traffic authorities

Verkehrslenkung Berlin (VLB)

This public department is responsible for safety on Berlin's main roads. VLB also optimises traffic around major construction sites, at large events and demonstrations, but also in cases of accidetns and other unexpected obstructions. The department reports on traffic disruptions jointly with BVG and VIZ Berlin.

Among its tasks are also:

Berlin Traffic Control - Management
Flughafengebäude Tempelhof
Tempelhofer Damm 45, Bauteil 6
12101 Berlin

Axel Koller
Tel.: 030 902594-671
Fax: 030 902594-699

- Relocation Verkehrslenkung Berlin (VLB) (Traffic Management) -

Due to the beginning of the reconstruction work for the project "Opening of the airport building Tempelhof - Tower THF", the groups VLB A1 (filming, exemptions) and VLB A2 (events, safety measures, rail replacement service) of the section VLB A (Event Management) will relocate to a new service building at the former Tempelhofer airport.

Owing to the relocation and the efforts involved, we therefore ask you to contact the VLB only in case of very urgent emergencies between 30/08/2017 and 01/09/2017.

Thank you very much!