Traffic control with Variable Message Signs

Harmonising traffic flow - increasing road safety

Berlin's urban motorway A 100 gives an object-lesson in terms of VMS. It is one of the most heavily used motorways within the federal motorway network. Around the motorway junction Funkturm the averaged vehicle volume amounts to 190.000 vehicles per day. Despite the broad development of intra-urban sections with three lanes in each direction, for a long time many accidents happened along with frequent traffic jams. Due to up-to-date traffic control the traffic flow on the Berlin motorways could be considerably eased.
By use of VMS traffic has become safer, smoother and more harmonious than before. Although the volume of traffic has been increasing in last years, it is possible to reach the maximum speed limit of 80 km/h for a longer time in the course of the day than in the past. Traffic jams cannot be fully avoided especially during rush hours, but their duration can be reduced.The traffic notices "Traffic Jam" or "Congestion Warning" help to avoid rear-end collisions at the end of a traffic jam.