Services and Permits


(e.g. exceptions from the regulations on vehicle towing, from the ban on vehicular traffic on Sundays, from the prohibition of undue carriage of persons)

According to § 46 of the Road Traffic Regulations (Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung), traffic authorities can grant exception permits for numerous elements of prohibition offences upon previous application.

VLB, however, grants these kinds of exception permits only

  • for the driving, stopping and parking on the established bus lanes (officially "Bussonderfahrstreifen") if related to filming,
  • related to the towing of vehicles on federal motorways ("Bundesautobahn")
  • related to prohibited stopping and parking according to § 12 StVO (Road Traffic Regulation) if not regulated by traffic signs
  • for the use of blue and yellow light flashing, where applicable in connection with sirens.

All other possible permits for exceptions - which constitute the majority - are processed by the traffic authorities of the Berlin's boroughs.

Fees: Between 10.20 € and 767.00 €
Processing time: At least 14 days
The competent authority is: Verkehrlenkung Berlin (VLB A 1)
Please send your request directly to: Verkehrlenkung Berlin (VLB A 1)
Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin
Statutory basis: § 46 StVO