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Japanese cherry tree (Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan')
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Inspired by the end of German division, the Japanese television network TV Asahi launched a major drive for contributions in 1990 in Japan. As an expression of the Japanese people's great interest in the events of German reunification and the friendship between Japan and Germany, money was collected for the planting of Japanese cherry trees (sakura) in Germany. These ornamental cherry trees are very popular in Japan and are said to bring people inner peace and serenity. TV Asahi set up an account for this cherry-tree campaign that eventually raised over 140 million yen (about €1 million) in donations. The many donations made it possible to plant over 9,000 trees, mostly in Berlin and Brandenburg. The first trees were planted in November 1990 at Glienicker Brücke (Glienicke Bridge), a site that had symbolized the division of Germany.

On 9 November 2010, the “Platz des 9. Novembers 1989” was officially opened to the public by the Governing Mayor of Berlin. Eight cherry trees, among others, were planted at this memorable location and financed with the last of the funds from this campaign. The future of this gift from Japanese donors is now in the hands of the recipients in Berlin and Brandenburg, who are called upon to ensure that these trees, like all the others in the city, receive the care they need. The splendor of the cherry blossoms, which increases as the trees grow older, will then be an expression of the friendship between Japan and Germany, and will bring both countries closer together.

The tree plantings in Berlin took place with the generous support of the parks departments of the respective boroughs. The sites chosen included the former border strip, parks, public facilities (schools, nurseries, hospitals), and cemeteries.

Here are some examples:

Borough / location Number trees
(incl. saplings)
Public transportation
Steglitz-Zehlendorf / Teltow (Brandenburg)
former Teltow-Sigridshorst border strip
Approx. 1,100 Lichterfelde-Süd S-Bahn station,
15-minute walk, near Hagenstraße
Location (pdf, 181 KB)
former Lohmühlenbrücke border strip
45 Bus 171, 194 from Hermannplatz
U-Bahn station;
Treptower Park S-Bahn station
Location (pdf, 272 KB)
Landschaftspark Nord-Ost
(Landscape Park North-East) at Hagenower Ring
1,434 Wartenberg S-Bahn station,
5-minute walk
Location (pdf, 195 KB)
former Wollankstraße border strip

Bornholmer Str./ Norweger Str.



Wollankstraße S-Bahn station

Bornholmer Str. S-Bahn station
Location (pdf, 264 KB)
Erholungspark Marzahn, at the Japanese Garden
80 Marzahn S-Bahn station
Bus 195
Location (pdf, 246 KB)

Locations in Brandenburg:

Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice:
As part of the international Europagarten 2003, 750 cherry trees were planted for the city´s 750th anniversary celebration in 2003.

Studentendorf Babelsberg: 40 trees
Kleinmachnow, Karl-Marx-Straße: 23 trees
Havelbucht: 42 trees


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Japanese cherry trees - Location Landschaftspark Nord-Ost

Japanese cherry trees - Location Lohmühlenbrücke

Japanese cherry trees - Location Bornholmer Brücke

Japanese cherry trees - Location former Teltow-Sigridshorst border strip

Japanese cherry trees - Location Bornholmer Straße

Memorial plaque and stone

Memorial plaque
Memorial plaque
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Memorial stone
Memorial stone
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