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Public Parks (Green and Recreation Spaces)


Biking in a public park; Photo: Holger Koppatsch
Photo: Holger Koppatsch

Many bicyclists in Berlin frequently look for “green short-cuts,” which let them enjoy the urban green spaces as they ride, and at the same time circumvent traffic; often, the latter is their primary purpose. The cool shade of the trees, singing birds, the scent of blossoms - these are only a few of the pleasant advantages of riding on such routes. There are just a few things to pay attention to in order to make sure nothing disturbs that enjoyment.

Biking in public green and recreational areas for the purpose of recreation is not permitted everywhere, but it is allowed on many large main pathways, which are marked accordingly. Special regard must always be paid to other users, e.g. to pedestrians or playing children.

Pathways in green spaces are generally not bicycle paths, even if bicycling is allowed on them. Pedestrians and cyclists use these pathways jointly. Pedestrians always have the right of way on all pathways in green spaces! Compared to cyclists, they are the “weaker” users. Considerate and relaxed “recreational biking” is therefore the kind of behavior exactly suited to these green spaces.

Shortcuts through green spaces are not always and everywhere possible when riding on a bicycle. However, in order not to disturb or endanger other people, any green space may be used by bikers if the bicycle is pushed!

For more information about the use of pathways in certain green spaces, please inquire at the appropriate Department of Green Spaces (in German).

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