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Barrier-free City

All Berliners and guests should be able to move freely throughout Berlin. We do not wish to hinder anyone! On the contrary, as we all have to cope with daily challenges additional barriers are even aggravating. And after all, in its colourful diversity Berlin wants to allow and enable all a self-determined participation in public life.
Moving freely in Berlin to own personal capabilities and meeting with others means more quality of life. We all want to cope daily routes and transports, and shaping our living, working and leisure time should be unrestricted. For each of us.

We want to offer all residents a barrier free city. Public buildings and spaces need to be changed so that all can use them. To achieve this, we will find comfortable, innovative and creative solutions. Berlin is a city worth living in, hospitable and welcoming and will keep this quality in the future, while facing the challenges of a growing city.


Working group "Barrier-free City for All"
16th Meeting on 16th and 17th March 2017 in Lisbon more

Short film: Berlin accessible for all 2020
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