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The reconstruction of the Kronprinzenbrücke over the River Spree forged the first link after the fall of the Wall. It has become a symbol for the growing together of what was a divided city and a divided Europe. In order to underline this importance, the reconstruction of the bridge received funding from the development fund of the European Union amounting to DM 11 million.

The bridge load-bearing structure consists of two main supporting beams over three bays with a diameter of 1,016 mm. They are linked in a shear-resistant manner to the orthotropic deck. These are supported by struts at intervals of 2.75 m on the opposite horizontal inclined arched supporting pipes. Thanks to the positioning of the bearings moveable in the direction of the bridge, only vertical loads and horizontal loads transversal to the bridge access fall on the riverside steel pyramids of the substructure. The jacking up bearing forces which occur in the large middle opening as a consequence of traffic are absorbed by prestressed tension anchorage in the abutments.

Four high and 10 low lighting pylons, together with 40 ground lamps, in the graduated area and a lamp integrated into the railings provide lighting for the lanes and walkways. The underside of the bridge is lit by eight halogen headlights set in the pillars.


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