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Foreign Trade

On this site the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues informs about opportunities for investors, the business location and service for Berlin enterprises.

BerlinPartner(Externer Link) deal with those three fields of operation on behalf of the Land of Berlin, and present their business location center(Externer Link) as the Berlin-Brandenburg economic portal in the internet.

You also find information on the external economic relations of Berlin and Brandenburg on the website Berlin Brandenburg International(Externer Link), the pages for export and import business in the Berlin Capital Region.

Be Berlin130

Location Berlin

Berlin has developed a new brand strategy with the motto be Berlin(Externer Link)! The City presents itself as being a creative and innovative metropolis in which you find brisk business activity and a high quality of life.

The brand strategy also reflects that Berlin focuses with regard to economy and science on main development sectors outlined in the following fields of competence:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Technology
  • Traffic Technologies
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Optical Technologies
  • Technologies in the Energy Sector

Vitality, up-datedness and innovation make Berlin number among the first places for trendsetting businesses.

Advantages of Berlin

  • Central Location in Europe
  • Direct Access to the Markets in Central and Eastern Europe
  • A Unique Area of Science and Research
  • Highly Performing Communication Networks
  • Affordable Office and Industrial Space
  • An Appealing Cultural Scene

Berlin’s Foreign Trade Policy: More Value for your Investment

The policy aims at reaching two targets:

The first one is to make Berlin a business location of international reputation, and acquire investments for the German capital. Inside and outside the country people should take Berlin for what it is: the pulsating metropolis in the heart of Europe. Get more information about the location »(Externer Link)

The second target of Berlin’s foreign trade policy is to strengthen export initiatives of Berlin’s economy and the development of foreign markets. In order to secure employment or gain new jobs the Senate offers support for activities abroad of Berlin enterprises.

To reach those targets the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women's Issues sets on joint agreements with the marketing organisations and other Senate Departments:

The most important cooperation partner in the region is the Land Brandenburg(Externer Link). Here the Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg(Externer Link) is the marketing organisation corresponding to Berlin Partner. The location marketing for the Lands Berlin and Brandenburg is already put into effect jointly under the motto "More Value for Your Investment"(Externer Link), and also in supporting foreign trade the administrations and marketing organisations cooperate closely.

The construction of the airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI)(Externer Link) gives evidence of the growing interrelation between the two Federal Lands.

The Business Immigration Service(Externer Link) is a special service of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce offered together with Berlin Partner, the Land’s Office for Public Services and the Berlin Labour Office. Business people from abroad can get information about visa and apply for stay permits.

International Cooperation

For Berlin international contacts and cooperation are of high significance. Therefore the Land gives support to enterprises for developing new markets abroad. They can profit of different offers, e.g. consultation before going onto a foreign market, or when organizing business presentations www.ibb.de/nme(Externer Link)

Berlin has also worldwide links in a network of city partnerships. We now count 17 of them. Those connections make cooperation in the science and economic fields much easier.

With the region and the neighbouring country Poland the Land Berlin is associated in a special way. Evidence is the Oder Partnership in which the Land Berlin cooperates with Brandenburg, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and Saxony, on the German side, and the Vojevodships Zachodniopomorskie (West Pommerania), Lubuskie (Lebus County), Wielkopolskie (Great Poland) and Dolnoslaskie (Lower Silesia) on the Polish side.

The Asia-Pazifik-Forum is the permanent platform for the dialogue with the prospering Asian markets. Among others it has the task to organize and develop the Asia-Pacific-Weeks that take place in Berlin every two years.

The EU-team at Berlin Partner(Externer Link) gives comprehensive information on the issues of business activities in the European Union and the single European market. Since 2008 the EEN Enterprise Europe Network(Externer Link) has replaced the EuroInfoCenter focussing on the EU competence in Berlin and Brandenburg.


Statistical data about Berlin

Information about the Location Germany

In the following you will find an overview of nationwide web sites that might be of interest in the foreign trade sector:

  • Germany Trade & Invest gtai(Externer Link) is the society charged with foreign trade and the location marketing of the Federal Republic of Germany: foreign entrepreneurs interested in launching a business in Germany are supported and given advice, and potential investors get information here about issues relevant for their business, such as basic facts of the location, fiscal and judicial conditions, and business promotion.
  • The German Business Portal(Externer Link) is the central contact platform that steers all inquiries about Germany through the right channels. The goal is to make Germany and its domestic market more transparent to foreign companies interested in Germany as a location for their businesses. You not only get business information but also obtain an insight into the living and working circumstances, landscapes and travelling in Germany.

Seek information and advice at
  • The German Representations abroad(Externer Link), that is at Embassies or Consulates
  • The German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in foreign countries Auslandshandelskammern(Externer Link)
  • You also have the possibility to get information and advice as well as contact with German business representatives through the German Centers(Externer Link) run by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Delhi Gurgaon, Dubai, Moskow, Jakarta, Mexico City, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Yokohama.
  • The Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology(Externer Link) coordinates foreign trade on a national level. The Ministry set the task to accompany the presentations of major key projects abroad from the political point of view.


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