Protected bike lanes for greater safety
Protected bike lanes for greater safety
Image: Ralf Rühmeier

Only one in three people in Berlin has a car, but almost everyone has a bicycle. Accordingly, cycling is becoming increasingly popular. The Berlin Senate is reacting to this and is investing over 30 million euros in modern cycling infrastructure in 2020, as compared to just under 5 million euros in 2016. Per capita spending has risen from 1.40 euros to almost 9 euros – an almost sixfold increase. This puts Berlin in a leading position in Germany in terms of investment in safe cycling infrastructure. Berlin is on its way to becoming an even more attractive city for cyclists.


Protected bike lanes for greater safety
If people feel safe, they are more likely to cycle. There are more and more protected bike lanes that separate cyclists from automobile traffic and allow people to move around on two wheels without hindrance – for example, on Hasenheide and Holzmarktstrasse.

Green markings: this space is for cyclists!
Green cycle lanes help to improve safety with their visibility. They can be quickly implemented and are a symbol of the increased importance of cycling in Berlin.

Creating cycle superhighways
A dozen of these convenient routes to connect the suburbs to the city centre are currently being planned and will be built from 2022 onwards. This network of around 100 kilometres will be of great benefit to everyone who covers longer distances by bike.

More staff for better cycling infrastructure
At the end of 2016, there were only a handful of people responsible for cycling in Berlin’s administrative authorities. Today, there are around 60 employees improving cycling matters in the Senate, the municipal infraVelo company and in the city’s districts.

Cycling safely, finding a safe place to park your bike
Being able to park your bike safely is an integral part of worry-free cycling. For this reason, the Senate has funded around 15,000 new bike stands in Berlin’s districts since 2017. Thousands more will be installed in the future, together with bike-parking buildings and secure stations at underground and suburban train stations.

‘fLotte kommunal’ – free rental of cargo bikes
Cargo bikes are the climate-friendly alternative to having your own car. Anyone who needs a cargo bike every now and then can borrow one for free in an uncomplicated manner in many districts. There are now around 120 cargo bikes available.

Rental bikes for short journeys
The Nextbike bike rental system has been built up since 2017 with the support of the Berlin Senate and it now has around 2,500 bikes. Unbeatably cheap, and quick over short distances!

Cargo bikes instead of delivery vans
The KoMoDo project involves climate-friendly, quiet, space-saving cargo bikes being used for the last-mile delivery of packages. 28,000 kilometres of journeys by vans have been avoided as a result. Districts are now putting the experience obtained here to use in similar projects.

Quicker planning and implementation: ‘Alliance for Cycling’
Many stakeholders have a role to play in improvements in cycling infrastructure. Accordingly, it is important that they coordinate their activities in the newly created ‘Alliance for Cycling’ committee so that quicker progress can be made in terms of planning and implementation.