Corona information on school and daycare

From March 9, 2021, alternating lessons will take place for grades 1 to 6.

From March 17, 2021, grades 10 to 13 will also be taught face-to-face in half the class in an alternating model. The compulsory attendance in schools remains suspended, special regulations apply to final classes. From March 9, 2021, the daycare centers will again be open to all children in limited regular operation and for a care offer of at least seven hours/day.

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Child Benefit

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Entitlement and duration

The child benefit basically applies

  • For all children up to the age of 18,
  • For children in vocational training up to the age of 25,
  • For unemployed children up to the age of 21.

For children who cannot start or continue vocational training due to a lack of a training place, the same regulations apply as for children in training.

The child benefit is paid to the person in whose care the child is situated. If the child lives with both parents, they can determine which of them should receive the child benefit.

The child benefit is usually paid out by the family benefits office at the Employment Agencies. A most-favoured test is carried out as part of an income tax assessment. If it is financially advantageous, child allowances are taken into account instead of the child benefit.


The child benefit is paid regardless of income. It is staggered according to the number of children and amounts to as of January 2021:

  • For the first and second child: 219 euros per month
  • For the third child: 225 euros per month
  • For the fourth and each subsequent child: 250 euros per month


You must apply for the child benefit at the appropriate family benefits office. If you are employed in the public sector, please apply for the child benefit with your employer.

Please note that you must notify your family benefits office of any personal changes (address, bank details, divorce, employment in the public service or abroad). This also applies to changes in your child’s circumstances (vocational training, university studies, military service, pregnancy).

Online application
You can use the Federal Employment Agency’s online form service to apply for the child benefit and for notification of any changes.

To the Online form service of the Federal Employment Agency

Child supplement

Families with low incomes are entitled to the so-called child supplement under certain conditions. It is a supplementary benefit and works as a supplement to the child benefit.

The child supplement is also applied for from the appropriate family benefits office of the Federal Employment Agency.