Corona information on school and daycare

From March 9, 2021, alternating lessons will take place for grades 1 to 6.

From March 17, 2021, grades 10 to 13 will also be taught face-to-face in half the class in an alternating model. The compulsory attendance in schools remains suspended, special regulations apply to final classes. From March 9, 2021, the daycare centers will again be open to all children in limited regular operation and for a care offer of at least seven hours/day.

Schooling Hotline +49 30 90227-6000 | Daycare Centers Hotline +49 30 90227-6600


Career and study orientation

Students are supported in their career and study orientation, starting at school. Dual learning therefore offers all students, both those with learning difficulties and those with special interests, good prospects for a career path. The Berlin economy supports dual learning by providing work placements in companies.

Dual learning

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Linking learning in school and in professional practice: with this new form of learning, students can early on get oriented for a later career. More information


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The internship enables students to gain an insight into the world of business, work and professional life. Berlin companies and institutions provide internships for around 40,000 students per school year. More information