SafeCi on European Tour

Die europäische Delegation im Maria Theresien-Zimmer in der Wiener Hofburg
Image: Polizei Berlin

Safer Space for Safer Cities” is on tour in Europe. The visits (peer reviews) to the European partner countries are an important part of the project. The first stop was Vienna.

SafeCi in Vienna

Colleagues from the Berlin Police, the Lisbon Police (Polícia Segurança Pública) and the Brussels Police (Local Police of Brussels) visited the Austrian capital and thoroughly examined it.

The tour started with a visit of the securing measures around the Bon Jovi Concert with more than 57,000 visitors and about 90 police forces of the Vienna Police Headquarters. From admission control and protective measures to video surveillance – the colleagues gained a very detailed and interesting insight.

The examination of the underground station “Stadion” was particularly informative. The station is specially conceived for big events and has a special system regulating the flow of passengers. The station was fitted out with a passenger-counting and four sliding door systems in 2008. A control system can measure the crowd flow; automatically control the pedestrian flow and temporarily restrict access to the platform.

Focus of the second day was on hostile vehicle mitigation measures around the government quarter and the town hall. The colleagues were able to convince themselves of the unbureaucratic implementation of the project idea. The City of Vienna needed only 12 months from planning to implementation of fixed bollards, lift out bollards and retractable telescopic bollards (operated by the police).

The next stop is Dublin. The results will then be summarised into a handbook and made available to all European authorities.

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