LICHTGRENZE 7-9 November


7–9 November, Bornholmer Strasse to Oberbaumbrücke

8,000 helium balloons will trace the former course of the Berlin Wall. The temporary installation, based on an idea by Christopher Bauder and Marc Bauder, runs from Bornholmer Strasse to the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, past Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery to the Oberbaum Bridge (Oberbaumbrücke). Various stations along the route will provide visitors with information, tours, vantage points for viewing the LICHTGRENZE and film collage with historical, little-known film material.


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7–9 November, from Bornholmer Strasse to Oberbaumbrücke

The Robert Havemann Society has developed the exhibition  ‘One Hundred Berlin Wall Stories – One Hundred Times Berlin’ to run along the course of the LICHTGRENZE; there will be a station every 150 metres where visitors can read a historical episode at the authentic site where the events took place. It is a combination of recollections and facts from the time of sector boundaries, the building of the Wall, protest activities, escapes, Wall fatalities, and border facilities, as well as from  to everyday life in the divided city and from the Peaceful Revolution in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Large screens at all main locations will show Marc Bauder’s unique film collage "Wall pieces" of historical, little-known film material ranging from the time of Wall construction to the Fall of the Wall. Marc is just been nominated for the European Cinema Prize with the film "Master of the universe".


9 November, from Bornholmer Strasse to Oberbaumbrücke

The highlight of the anniversary will be a spectacular communal action when the balloon patrons release all of the balloons with their messages into the Berlin night sky on November 9 th. The Staatskapelle Berlin will play “Ode an die
Freude” with Daniel Barenboim conducting by the Brandenburg Gate. The balloon patrons’ memories and wishes will be collected on People from all over the world can raise their voice on this website and become virtual balloon patrons. Join in and post your personal message regarding
the anniversary on this polyphonic platform!

Program along the LICHTGRENZE




7 Nov. 6,7,8 pm / 8 Nov. 12 am - 8 pm / 9 Nov.  12 am - 8 pm
Every full hour in german and english
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 5€ (free for children under 14 years)

Starting Points & Tickets: Info-Points at Mauerpark, Checkpoint Charlie and East Side Gallery

Tour groups have the opportunity to book tours in advance.
Please contact: +49 (0) 30 - 247 49 888  or museumsinformation(at)


Explore the former course of the Wall on your own
A walk along the entire course (15 km) takes approximately 4-5 hours on foot; shorter tours can be started or ended at any random point. If you want to check out the open air exhibition “100 Wall Stories” and sights along the walk, be sure to adjust your timing. On three different tours (2 to 5 km) you can discover distinctive places and their history on your own.

Bornholmer Straße — Mauerpark — Nordbahnhof approx. 3.7   km / est. walking time 45 (green tour - see map)

The tour starts at a memorable spot: Bornholmer Strasse was the first border crossing where East Germans enforced the opening of the border on 9 November, 1989. Starting at 920 p.m. the first East Berliners poured into the West Berlin working class neigh- borhood Wedding. By 11 p.m. more than 20,000 people had passed just through this one border crossing. Angela Merkel was one of them, today she is the German Chancellor. One Wall Story is Siegbert Schefke’s, who was one of the first people to pass the border (there is a story every 150 m). Every hour there will be walking tours with the topic “Life and Resistance in the Shadow of the Wall”, starting at Mauerpark. Radio FRITZ will broadcast from the popular restaurant “Mauersegler”, complete with live concerts. The Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse opens a new exhibition on 9 November. The 1.4 km long outdoor exhibition portrays the malicious construction of the border fortifications, and it commemorates spectacular escapes and all those who lost their lives at the Wall.

Brandenburg Gate — Potsdamer Platz — Checkpoint Charlie 2.2 km / est. walking time 30 min. (pink tour - see map)

After the rush to the border crossings in November 1989 people danced on top of the Wall at Brandenburg Gate. Momentous images went around the world, and today the heart of the city beats all around this landmark. Once one of the busiest places in Europe Potsdamer Platz had turned into war damaged waste- land and border area after 1945. After the Fall of the Wall a new neighborhood has emerged here. On this walk you will come to encounter a story about so-called “Mauerspechte” or wall chiselers. Small, certified pieces of the Wall are still available as souvenirs. Some of the larger segments have been moved to places like the Peace Park in Uijeongbu, Republic of Korea or the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Community Center in Moscow. Yadegar Asisi’s gigantic panorama at the former border crossing Checkpoint Charlie makes daily life with the Wall in 1980s West Berlin come alive. Not far away the Black Box Cold War offers 16 media stations with the history of the Cold War con- frontation. At the Wall Museum you can see the most incredible means of escape, ranging from a hot air balloon to a chair lift.

Checkpoint Charlie — East Side Gallery approx. 5 km / est. walking time 60 min. (blue tour - see map)

The Wall Stories on the way to the East Side Gallery are all about bold escape attempts. At least 136 people lost their lives at the Berlin Wall. 5,075 forbidden border crossings ended up successful. More than 70 escape tunnel had been dug along the Wall, only about one in five was successful. The East Side Gallery at the riverside in Friedrichshain is the longest surviving piece of Inner Wall. In 1990 more than 100 artists from 20 countries painted this so called “Hinterlandmauer” – the first obstruction before the death strip. This wall has become a famous work of art. The more than 1 km long open air gallery is protected by landmark status.  The guided walking tour “Oberbaumbrücke – a bridge between boroughs that were worlds apart” starts right here. On a side note, once a year people from the boroughs of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain get together on the bridge to have a giant veggie battle. Radioeins will broadcast live from the riverside, and reporters will mingle with the crowds to capture the real thing.

Map and discovery tours!


8 November, Checkpoint Charlie - East Side Gallery - Mauerpark

The European Union Youth Orchestra will play concerts on the 8 November between 6pm - 7.30 pm at the BlackBox/Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery and Mauerpark.


9 November

The rbb programs would like to revive the boundless joy of 1989 and share the frenzy of that time with their audience.

To celebrate this special night with their viewers, listeners and Internet users rbb will broadcast live about it. The television project “without borders — 25 h Fall of the Wall” will be at the heart of the broadcast: rbb television will do a 25-hour-long live broadcast from the city. The program will also feature interesting documentaries about the Fall of the Wall. The stages of radioBerlin 88,8 and rbb television are located at Bornholmer Strasse / Bösebrücke. Antenne Brandenburg will broadcast from Potsdamer Platz and Kulturradio is doing a cooperation with the Berlin Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse. Setting up shop at O2 World next to the East Side Gallery radioeins will celebrate the radio-day “freedom” from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Jörg Thadeusz and Marion Brasch as well as others will be hosting. Roland Jahn, Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records, will be a live guest of Bettina Rust. Fritz will introduce young German bands from its location at “Mauersegler” and will do live broadcasts from Mauerpark via its Fritz satellite-Mini. Inforadio will report from its location at Checkpoint Charlie where it will host a number of
exciting guests, such as the US ambassador John B. Emerson.